Your Personal Health Information

Blue_Locked_FolderIn order for us to provide care for you we need to keep records of your consultations, illnesses, tests and other treatments that have been completed by anyone involved in your health care.  This may be a hand written or increasingly as a computer record.  We are obliged to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other guidance on privacy and data confidentiality and this is a role we take very seriously.  Everyone working within the NHS has a duty of confidentiality regarding your personal information.

As part of the service we provide and in order to improve the quality of care we offer we may need to share information on our Practice activity with various health service bodies eg. Health Boards and Trusts.  Wherever possible this information is anonymised eg. Names and other identifying details are removed.  We are obliged by law to provide certain information that is not anonymised, eg. Notification of death or notification of infectious diseases.  Information is NOT shared with any third party outside the Health Service without your explicit consent and agreement.  Examples of these third parties are insurance providers, employers and solicitors.

Our use of your personal health information is covered by a duty of confidentiality and is regulated by the Data Protection Act.  The Act gives you a number of rights in relation to how your personal information is used, including a right to access the information we hold about you.

Further information about the Code of Practice on Protecting Patient confidentiality can be found at

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